CVN Common Reference Form

Each CVN member program operates independently, with their own requirements and service areas, though many common themes connect them. The programs all offer full-time, faith-based service opportunities to people and communities in need. Core elements of the program, or the program's pillars, often include simple living, social justice, spirituality, and community. Catholic Volunteer Network supports all of our member programs as they work to make a difference.

To assist potential volunteers in their application process, as well as member programs and those writing references for the applicants, CVN provides a common reference form, linked below. We encourage programs to complete the cover sheet, and send the cover sheet along with the reference form to potential volunteers and/or their reference-writers. This one form can be filled out and sent by the reference-writer to multiple programs on behalf of one applicant. Programs can choose to add an addendum or follow up with the writer for further clarification or conversation about the applicant.

Download the Common Reference Form with blank cover sheet

Download the Common Reference Form without a cover sheet

Sample cover sheet (Amate House)

Questions or comments? Contact Sarah Hammel, Membership Coordinator, at [email protected].