Catholic Volunteer Network, in partnership with the Catholic Apostolate Center, provides a number of resources that are beneficial to volunteer alumni!

Staying Connected is our quarterly e-newsletter for volunteer alumni. In each issue we provide articles relating to topics of faith, volunteerism, community, and social justice to help renew your commitment to service. Subscribe today!  Click here to view archives of Staying Connected.

Alumni Job Bank - If you are looking for employment, you may be interested in our weekly Job Bank. Every Friday we send out a list of new positions that are ideal for former volunteers. Jobs are spread out all over the country and range in type of work and experience required. Sign up to receive these weekly job bank emails.

Graduate Programs - If you are interested in pursuing graduate school - you may be interested in checking out these programs that have a special interest in recruiting volunteer alumni. Also be sure to check out our Virtual Grad Fair for Theology and Ministry Programs!

Exploring Your Vocation - Service opens your heart to news ways of ministry. We want to support you as you explore your vocation. Click here to view our vocations resource page and learn more about the programming we offer.

Webinars for Alumni - Catholic Volunteer Network provides support and resources through regular webinars for alumni on a wide range of topics. Below are recorded webinars we have conducted in the past. These are hosted on

  • Volunteer Transitions: Saying Goodbye and Planning Your Next Steps Most people dread endings, goodbyes, transition and change.  Experience teaches us that how we end something influences our beginnings. This webinar is designed to help you go through this time of change in a way that is meaningful, healthy, realistic and practical.  We focus on: preparing for the future, understanding transition, honoring your experience, and saying goodbye well. This webinar is led by Julie Lupien, Director of FROM MISSION TO MISSION. Julie has been involved with supporting volunteers and missioners in transition for over twenty years.
  • Life After AmeriCorps This webinar covers some of the things you may encounter as you transition from your year with AmeriCorps service in a Catholic Volunteer Network program. We will cover translating your service for your resume, how to use your education award and tips on surviving your transition.
  • Advocacy 101 - for Former Volunteers Engaging in advocacy work is an excellent way to keep your service experience alive and work for peace and justice in your community. Tune in to this hour long session to learn some effective advocacy techniques, as well as some advice on how to get started in this work. Michelle Knight, Advocacy Associate for the Columban Center for Advocacy and Outreach, facilitates this webinar.
  • Leveraging your Volunteer Service for Career Success This hour-long web session will help current and recent volunteers in the process of transitioning from a year of service to graduate school or a new career. We will give advice on how to fully utilize your service experience and allow plenty of time for Q&A. Our facilitator will be Amy Potthast, a Notre Dame Mission Volunteers alum, and returned Peace Corps volunteer. For this session, she will draw on her first-hand experience as a volunteer, as well as the knowledge she gained while working with for more than six years.
  • Abundance in Ministry: Dealing with Transitions and Self-Care Catholic Volunteer Network invites former volunteers to participate in this hour-long web session. We will cover different ways to deal with transition and sustain a spirit of service and self-care, even after your term of service is completed. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback during this session. Licensed psychologist Dr. Kathy Galleher will facilitate this webinar.
  • Getting a Grip on Your Student Loans It can be quite a challenge to balance full-time service with the responsibilities of student loans, but the good news is that there are several options you can take to make it work. In this webinar session we aim to shed light on strategies such as loan forbearance, Income-based Repayment programs, and Public Service Loan Forgiveness. We focus on what you need to do before, during, and after your service experience, making this session relevant to incoming, current, and former volunteers. Student Loan expert Heather Jarvis joins us for this webinar session.
Retreats, Re-entry Programs, and Conferences - Many volunteers find the process of leaving their volunteer community and service work even more of a challenge than it was to get started. We have compiled a list of events that will help volunteers stay connected to their service experience. Click here to learn more about upcoming events.
CVN AmeriCorps Alums - Congratulations!  You have completed your service with a CVN AmeriCorps program. This page will provide you with tools and resources to help you navigate Life After AmeriCorps and using your Education Award.